Monday, October 10, 2011

the Holocaust of Copts

Statement condemning the Holocaust of Copts by Egyptian armed forces
With the blessing of Tantawi and Annan and the Media’s support for Osama Heikal The information Minister
The Coptic organizations Union in Europe, along with the World Minorities United for peace Organization in the United States, condemn the triumph of shame for Egyptian armed forces under the leadership of Tantawi and Annan in crushing the Copts Sunday October 9. During their peaceful protests, in an unequal battle between peaceful demonstrators and armed troops equipped with mechanisms and vehicles and the number of combat, The Copts were crushed by vehicles and armed forces vehicles. The Copts unarmed the heads of several Copts exploded under the wheels of armored vehicles and numerous corpses mutilated by the stampede on their faces, and many Copts were killed by live bullets. In more scenes than we see from racist enemy troops against the unarmed Palestinians, and amid the Egyptian Lullaby of media misinformation and its role in injecting the public hate against the peaceful Copts demonstrators.
What happened, can be only qualified in international custom as a new holocaust against a peaceful group of people who wanted to express their rejection of abuse against an unarmed peaceful minority and the destruction of their churches by the people under the blessing of the government. The attack of the army on the peaceful demonstrators consecrates the reputation of the Egyptian army leadership and brings international condemnation of the use of excessive force against unarmed civilians just for being of different belief.
We also condemn the Egyptian television for falsely misleading and lying in covering the massacre caused by the army. Instead of reporting the truth, they injected more racism against the peaceful Coptic citizens. The Egyptian Media chose to join the perpetrator against the victims and changed the story to make the perpetrator to appear as a victim to instigate more public hate against peaceful demonstrators who only wanted to claim the right to cry.

The Egyptian television asked the Public to officially uphold the armed forces and protect them from the Copts. This is not just a hoax and a plain out lie, but it also shows the amount of hatred, immorality and racism against the Coptic minority...
The events of the attacks on Copts and priests in Maspero, is another episode in the series of scaring the Copts unfortunately not by Islamic terrorists, but the armed forces which is tax-funded by citizens like the Copts. The misleading Egyptian Media is also a partner in this crime while it is also funded by taxes from the public including the Copts.
As we announce our repulsion of the press releases of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, which prove lack of credibility and walk on the same system and methods of lies and misinformation in downplaying the crushing of the Copts who were killed by the armed forces.

As we will not be silent about this cowardly despicable racial act by the armed forces and will demonstrate in front of the free world because those criminal acts that stand as a declaration of war and racism against the peaceful people in Egypt.
We also offer genuine thanks and gratitude to the honest media in the Arab channel, dream TV, who covered the massacre and showed how a free and sincere media should cover history and in their coverage we have the prove of the misleading lies aired by the Egyptian Television.
We also offer our thanks to all the Egyptian Muslim brothers who participated in the peaceful demonstrations with the Copts. People like you give us hope that not all the Egyptian public is poisoned by the hatred and racism against the Copts. Citizens like you are an important element in exposing the treachery of the armed forces and misinformation of the Egyptian Media.
Coptic organizations Union in Europe, General Coordinator of Union
Medhat necklace magdy Youssef
World Minorities United for Peace, President Dr. Nabil Asaad

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pictures from Washington DC

Dr. Nabil Asaad Biography

Dr. Nabil Asaad has a PhD in Law and Human Rights from Canbourne University in England. He also has a bachelor degree in History From Egypt. He assisted in publishing two human rights newspapers, Voice of Immigrant, and Copts and the Middle-East. He served as a journalist and a co-editor. Dr. Nabil has many articles defending human rights since 1996. his articles has been published in many newspapers and websites like Copts and the Middle-East, Voice of Immigrant, American Coptic association magazine, Australian Egypt News, Copts United, the Coptic News, light-Dark, Christian-Dogma, Copt Real, Elahram Elgadid, my Copts, and Voice of Copts. Dr Nabil was also hosted in many TV Stations like, Hope TV, The Way TV, NJ News, ABC News, the Truth TV, and Fox News. Dr. Nabil Asaad has attended many conferences in Washington, DC to spread the awareness about the struggle of the Christians and other minorities in the Islamic world. He also met with many US Senators and Congressmen, to solve and end the inequalities against the minorities in Egypt and the Middle-East. Dr. Nabil hosts "Coptic Crisis" on you tube on the "peace for minorities" Channel where he published many interviews with various human rights activists from different backgrounds. Among his guests on his show human rights activists like, Dr. Nabil Sharaf Eldeen, Journalist Fatma Naout, Alaa Orebi, Ragaey Tadros, Samir Habashi, Dr. Said Afifi, Omar Afifi, Father Keith Redorick, and Father Marcos Aziz. He also hosted experts on terrorism like Dr. Robert Spencer, Dr. Walid Fares, Mr. Moris Sadek, Carol Totzi, Raymond Ibrahim, and Justin Mayer. Also the former Egyptian Vice-minister Dr. Yehya Elgamal was hosted on the Coptic Crisis Show.
Dr. Nabil is the president and founder of "World minorities united for peace". This non-profit organization was established with the purpose of defending the oppressed and persecuted minorities in Islamic countries. The mission of the organization is to:
1- Defend minorities in Islamic controlled regimes.
2- Support the existence of the state of Israel in the Middle-East against the threats of Islamic ideology which is anti-Jewish and anti-christian.
3- Educating the world about the extremist Islamic ideology as well as atrocities against the minorities living in Islamic countries.
4- collecting and sending donations to the victims of persecution in Islamic countries.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

مع المسيح ذاك أفضل جداً وداعاً حبيبنا كبير أقباط المهجر المهندس عدلي أبادير يوسف

بقلوب يعتصرها الأسى والألم، تلقينا نبأ وفاة المهندس عدلي أبادير يوسف رئيس منظمة الأقباط متحدون والذي كان لنا بمثابة "كبير أقباط المهجر" ووالذي كان يمثل الرمز والعملاق والبطل وشريك النضال.

لقد رحل المهندس/ عدلي أبادير يوسف، عن عالمنا الفاني يوم الخميس 31 ديسمبر 2009 لينضم إلى الكنيسة المنتصرة بعد أن أكمل جهاده على الأرض من أجل قضايا العدل والحق.

سيظل التاريخ القبطي دوماً يذكره بكل الامتنان والتقدير والاحترام للأعمال الصالحة التي قام بها وجهوده من أجل القضية القبطية.

سيظل التاريخ القبطي يذكر المؤتمرات التي نظمها والبيانات والتوصيات الهامة التي صدرت عنها.

سيظل التاريخ القبطي يذكر تصريحاته الشجاعة والجريئة وكلمات الحق التي قالها.

سيظل التاريخ القبطي يذكر كل أعماله الناجحة.

أصدق التعزيات لأسرة البطل الراحل المهندس/ عدلي أبادير ولموقع الأقباط متحدون الشقيق ولكل أحباءه

أصدق التعازي القلبية لأسرته ومحبيه وكل من ساهم بعطائه في إسعادهم، ونطلب من الرب أن يمنح الجميع، العزاء في انتقاله
إلهنا الصالح يقبل نفس وديعته مع الأبرار والصديقين وكل مصاف القديسين فى فردوس النعيم.

سيظل الراحل المهندس عدلي أبادير في قلوبنا
ولنذكره جميعا فى صلواتنا وتضرعاتنا راجيين له حياة النعيم فى الفردوس و تعزيات الروح القدس للأسرة و كل محبيه.
رئيس وأعضاء مجلس إدارة اتحاد الاقليات العالمى من اجل السلام يشاركون الاسره احزانها ولنا جميعا العزاء فى هذا المصاب الجلل.

Sunday, October 25, 2009